About Us

Skin Deep Face and Body Care offers an organically ‘active’ alternative to skincare and body care. Our ingredients are sourced from active New Zealand indigenous flora reputed for their healing and protection.
Manuka Honey has proven substances which cleanse, soothe, re-balance and revitalise depleted and damaged skins.  It has a truly unique ability to be able to communicate within the cells of the skin to analyse how it can best benefit the user.
Kanuka oil is recognised for its penetrating qualities which actively heal deeply seated infections and promote healthy cellular function and regeneration.
Manuka oil has also been scientifically proven to enhance the healing process and act as a natural shield.
By activating and blending these unique, natural ingredients together you have skincare and body care ranges which:-
Rejuvenates, Corrects and Protects.
Skin Deep is committed to a natural approach towards skincare and body care regimes and treatment preparations – that deliver results!
We are passionate about our ingredients and source only 100% pure essential oils and the highest grade UMF Manuka Honey. We do not test on animals or use mineral oils. We have and will continue to use only natural and organic ingredients.
Our formulations are quite simple.....
Naturally active, Safe & Effective

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