Coconut oil –a gift of nature
Nume is a range of body products that encapsulate and deliver a slice of paradise to you and your clients. Infused with essential oils from exotic flora to soothe and calm the body, mind and spirit!
At nume we have focused on the pure and natural, safe guarding the vital essence of our preparations by ensuring that the method of production is ‘cold pressed’, and is safe, efficient and heat free, thereby preventing damage to the precious minerals within the oil.
By using Coconut oil, lotion or butter you quickly restores the skins natural protective layer that is often lost after bathing and exposure to environmental conditions. Coconut oil keeps the connective tissue strong and supple which prevents the skin from sagging and wrinkling and aids in repairing other blemishes caused by ageing and sun exposure.
All products are available in 8 fragrances:-
Natural (pure oil)
Nume is a sincere range that many beauty establishments and clients are already enjoying the benefits that we invite you to experience.
Healthy revived skin with a Calmness and Tranquility of mind