Skin Deep Essential Facial Range.

Beauty therapists have been experiencing amazing results from using Skin Deep products made from the multi-active UMF Manuka Honey.
UMF Manuka Honey, upon penetrating the skin, has the ability to analyse the nature of the skin and to act appropriately in rebalancing skin back to a natural more harmonious state.
How honey can play an important role in rebalancing skin –
• Irritated, inflamed, acne and congested skins - honey soothes, calms and arrests infections and accelerates tissue repair also aids in reducing scar tissue
• Dry, taut skins – honey softens, hydrates and strengthens.
• Ageing skin – honey helps to diminish fine lines by delivering nourishment and hydration to underlying skin structure and significantly supports and tones skin structure.
Oily skins – honey contributes towards sebum regulation and improves skins texture.
Skin Deep prescribes:-
• Creamy Cleanser- (all skins) ideal first cleanse to remove all traces of eye and face make-up.
• Essential Gel Cleanser –(acne skins) for second cleanse or morning cleansing to treat acne break out.
• Facial Cleansing Bar – (all skin) extended to sufferers of eczema, dermatitis, teenagers and ideal shaving medium for men.
• Essential Exfoliating Granules – (All skins) this product accelerates tissue repair by sloughing outer dead skin cells away and removing deep-seated impurities. Jojoba beads granules are in a creamy honey base making this the   perfect skin regeneration
• Rejuvenating cream-(All skin types) This product reflects our simplicity, vitality and purity of Skin Deep and has a minimum of 95% natural ingredients. Very high in UMF Manuka Honey, Evening primrose oil, Aloe Vera and Echinacea.
• Essential Enriching Honey Cream – (Night cream- dry/ stressed skins) high in UMF Manuka Honey and Avocado Oil which is specifically designed to settle redness, support skin and restore firmness. This cream promises to restore the natural balance to the skin by increasing hydration, toning and firming and repairing impaired skin tissue.
• Intensive Repair Cream – (Rescue Remedy – all skin types) this product has to be tried to be believed with its amazing restorative properties for correcting moisture deprived skins. Olive leaf extract protects against and aids in repairing sun damaged skins. It is nearly 100% natural in content and extremely high in UMF Manuka honey, pure Vitamin E powder and beeswax. 
• Honey Gel Mask – (Rosacea, unwell skin, eczema and psoriasis) 45% UMF Manuka Honey infused with vitamins and minerals makes this mask extremely strengthening and repairing to traumatized skin. Honey Gel is designed to counteract the effects of unwell skin by ridding waste and removing toxins and pollutants related to specific harsh therapies such as Chemotherapy, Radiation and Anaesthetics. Also minimises the discomfort of Rosacea.
• Essential Nourishing Eye Cream – (All skin) blended from a concentrate of natural ingredients, this cream firm’s connective tissue reduces puffiness, tones and tightens, whilst being extremely nourishing and hydrating.
• Essential Refreshing Mist – (all skin) Containing Witch Hazel and Rose extract this product gives a revitalising finish to the skin and a natural pick-me-up.
• Soft lips – (all skin) this long wearing product combines UMF Manuka honey, beeswax and Manuka/Kanuka oils which gives unique healing and protective properties. The formulation nourishes and then heals the cracked skin of the lips. Due to its anti-viral properties it is extremely effective in the treatment and prevention of cold sores.
• Skin Deep Screen (15+ Broad spectrum) this product is a complete physical blockout due to zinc oxide and the use of raspberry oil. Readily absorbed into the skin makes it a perfect make-up base alone or over one of our moisturisers.