Skin Deep Essential Spa Range

Skin Deep Spa Therapies have been designed to relax, cleanse, beautify and rejuvenate by using natural ingredients to encourage the body and skin to restore its own vitality and radiance.
All of Skin Deeps body masks are able to be used on the face also, which expands your capacity for facial treatments.
• Honey Walnut Polish – a creamy yogurt like texture, containing micronized walnut shells for a comfortable yet invigorating exfoliation. Containing high levels of UMF Manuka Honey to create the perfect body food infusion, therefore preparing the skin perfectly to receive other Skin Deep products.
• Honey Aloe Skin Tonic –this preparation is a true multi-vitamin tonic high in Vitamin C for face and body. It is formulated especially to deliver vitamin absorption into the skin in an Aloe Vera base for soothing and calming and Manuka Honey for deep hydration.
• Honey Gel Mask  -45% Manuka Honey content this product greatly influences cellular absorption of nutrients and removal of wastes while strengthening and repairing traumatized skin. Honey gel is designed to counteract the effects of un-well skin by ridding waste and rejuvenating the skin back to a noticeably healthier state.
• Kiwi Enzyme Mud Soufflé – NZ kiwi fruit has an enzyme that dissolves excess dead cells for a deep exfoliation (AHA aspect). High in Vitamins C, K, E, potassium and magnesium these vitamins and minerals will feed, rebalance and energize the skin and encourage the skin cells to break down and expel waste. This is an ideal Back mask and also Face mask for bad acne and sallow skins.
• Honey Yoghurt Paste – (doesn’t contain yoghurt) A light honey yoghurt texture that is extremely nourishing and hydrating body food infusion.  This is due to the High UMF Manuka Honey content that pulls moisture into the skin where it becomes immediately accessible to skin cells. High in EFA delivered by Avocado Oil and Organic Beeswax which allows all other products to be delivered deeper into the epidermis.