Manuka Honey

One of the best honeys in the world is derived from Manuka – a tree unique to New Zealand.
Unlike other honeys, Manuka honey has the ability to penetrate ‘intact’ skin and absorption has been proven into the dermal layer. Manuka honey is kept active after dilution and remains active indefinitely; such as in the manufacturing of skincare preparations.
The UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) and has been trademarked to identify Manuka honey with special healing properties.
Laboratory testing is required to establish the level of UMF anti-bacterial properties and is rated according to the potency of this property. For example, UMF10 would be equivalent to the antiseptic potency of 10% solution of phenol as used in carbolic disinfectants.
Manuka honey is gentle, safe and healing on the skin and acts as a natural shield for the skin.
Manuka Honey is extremely high in:
Vitamin A which repair and protect the skin
Vitamin B’s have differing qualities including cell mitosis, DNA synthesis and energising the skin
Vitamin C helps with Collagen and Elastin synthesis
Vitamin E aids in skin healing
Amino Acids provide protein for repair and assist in healthy skin function and cell renewal
Fructose and Glucose (natural AHA’s) honeys natural sugars help in deeper exfoliation of the skin, toning and firming, and the natural acids help control infection
It is also scientifically proven that Manuka Honey:
• Reduces infection – UMF honey inhibits a whole range of bacteria, including strains resistant to normal antibiotics 
• Acts as an anti–inflammatory - to soothe irritated skins. 
• Accelerates tissue repair - to grow healthy skin cells and reduce scarring 
• Hygroscopic – to hydrate skin tissue 
 Improves skin texture – to feel smooth and toned 
• Balances the skin’s pH level – to maintain acid mantle protection 
• Natural anti-oxidant – to seek out free radical damage