Manuka and Kanuka Oils

Found in the nectar of flowers of New Zealand’s Native trees that grow naturally in unspoilt green bush land where nature ensures purity and sustained goodness of oil these trees produce.
Skin Deep sources oils of these trees from East Cape of New Zealand where Manuka yields a 20%-28% higher triketone level, the active antiseptic component of these essential oils.
Manuka and Kanuka were used extensively by both the indigenous Maori people and early European settlers as medicinal plants. The leaves and bark were used in a variety of ways to cure ailments and illnesses.
From this early tradition NZ Manuka and Kanuka oils have attracted world wide attention with modern scientific research proving beyond doubt the healing properties of these unique oils. Skin Deep’s 50/50 blend of these 100% essential oils deliver the combined antiseptic properties of both Manuka and Kanuka into the skin.
Manuka Oil (Leptospermum Scorparium)
Anti Fungal.      Anti Bacterial.       Anti Inflammatory.       Natural Anti histamine.   
Manuka oil is a bactericide and anti-fungal agent which is very effective in the treatment of nail and toe nail infections. Manuka oil is an anti-inflammatory and also a natural anti-histamine which helps reduce swelling and itching from insect bites and treating bruising.
Kanuka Oil (Leptospermum Ericoides)
Anti Bacterial.     Anti Viral.     Anti Fungal
Although Kanuka oil seems to have similar attributes to Manuka it is more bactericidal, therefore more effective against bacteria and viruses eg: post protection and treatment of cold sores. The finer texture of Kanuka oil means greater penetrating powers, both oils complementing one another with Kanuka ‘piggybacking’ Manuka oil deeper into the skin where their valuable properties are most beneficial.