Natural Preservatives

Cosmetics products become easily contaminated by microbes. Containing water, oils, peptides and carbohydrates cosmetics are a good medium for growth of microbes. All these factors contribute to the fact that cosmetic products need very good preservation to prevent microbial growth and spoiling of the product and also to infection of the skin. Preservatives are active ingredients able to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses.
All of Skin Deeps preservatives have a potent antimicrobial properties preventing our products from spoiling and prolonging their shelf-life. Some of these agents also have stabilizing effects able to preserve the function of various active ingredients including anti-oxidants (vitamins), emulsifiers and surfactants. The addition of such kind of stabilizers makes sure that the creams and lotions and other complex cosmetic products do not separate or otherwise disintegrate.
• Eco-certified Broad Spectrum Preservative blend
• Universal Broad-spectrum Preservative