Treatment with skin deep

Refreshing Wash:- Contains high levels of Manuka/Kanuka oils for antiseptic qualities to protect and correct and New Zealand Lavender oil for soothing and calming.
  How to use - either in the shower as soap or in the bath. Can be used as shampoo for conditions that need to be treated in that area. Also replace your regular hand soap with refreshing wash.
• Honey Aloe Skin Tonic:- Aloe Vera base for soothing and calming. Multi Vitamin complex resulting in powerful antioxidant tonic to strengthen skin and Active Manuka Honey to strengthen, balance and heal whist attracting water and holding it in the skin.
How to use – Apply directly to affected area for instant calming and relief from itchiness.
Honey Body Butter :- Active Manuka Honey for nourishing, hydrating, protecting and healing. Almond oil also nourishing and rich in viscosity for ease of movement. Beeswax allows for honey to penetrate further into the skin and creates a protective film holding in precious moisture.
 How to use – Apply to whole body especially affected areas -after using Refreshing wash and or Honey Aloe Tonic
Honey Body Moisturiser :- Manuka/Kanuka oils help to correct soothe and settle inflamed skin. Active Manuka Honey promotes repairs and hydrates. Sweet Almond and Apricot Kernel oils soften and lubricate. Beeswax Protects against moisture loss and Glycerin is softening and non-drying.
How to use – Apply to whole body especially affected areas. Use as a conditioner for conditions that need to be treated in that area after using Refreshing wash
 Soothing Balm :- Manuka/Kanuka oils have very anti-bacterial, anti viral and anti inflammatory properties. Sweet Almond oil softens and lubricates.
 How to use – For bites and stings this gel acts as an antihistamine and an analgesic. Use on affected skin especially if there is infection and broken skin, then apply Honey Aloe Skin Tonic followed by Honey Body Butter.